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Serious case of the CBFs

You know those days that seem to drag on and on and on….
and then you realise there is still tea to be made, baths/books/pjs to be done, and you are already zapped and don’t know where you will find one more iota of energy to make it through….

Yep, today, that was me. Serious case of the “can’t be fu…. bothereds”. And you know what? That’s ok. It happens. It especially happens when you are trying to juggle all that comes with raising a family.

I can’t change that the baby is teething, the older two are sick, that I’m grainy-eyed from tiredness, or that soon the children need to have a meal (again?! Really?! 😉)

What I can change? My response to it. I can choose to yell and fight and stew or I can choose to breathe.
And breathe.
And make the best of it.
Snuggle the baby who is already growing so fast and soon enough will be past being held. Plan a meal that is easy to make one handed, but will still nourish and boost the immunity of the sick ones. Remember to restock the freezer with meals for days like this 😉

… Because this moment, this day will pass. Tomorrow may be the same, or worse, or better. But it’s ok. It’s ok. I will do the best I can with what I have available today, and tomorrow I will try to do a little better.


A little about me and “Our Nourished Family”

I’ve always been inclined to take a more nature-based, low-intervention route with my health and environment. This approach is increasingly spreading to the food I choose for myself and my family. With three young children, cooking with < more–>
real, whole foods and choosing natural products for our home and bodies just makes sense for their health now and all aspects of their future.

Trying to source products that are real, nourishing, and organic if possible shouldn’t have to cost the earth just because we live in a regional area, so I’m trying to make a range of products available to other like-minded local people. My supplier list is steadily growing, so if there is a specific product you are seeking I am happy to try and source it for you.

I will always be learning and have more steps to take, but please join Our Nourished Family on the journey 🙂