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When is a coconut not coconut?

One coconut is much the same as another…. isn’t it? Well, not once it has been processed and packaged.

Check the packaging of your standard shop bought dessicated coconut and you will discover preservative 220 lurking there. This sulphate is a known allergen, particularly for asthmatics (see here for more info).

Check your tin of coconut milk or cream and (putting aside for a moment the potential presence of BPA in the can’s lining) you are likely to find thickeners and stabilisers. So, why not buy our dessicated coconut – which contains only coconut – and make your own coconut milk using a food processor, filtered water, and a straining cloth (method here – but ssshhh, I don’t even presoak my coconut 😉 – I just use warm water and whizz away!).

Don’t assume any product is as clean as you might think. Check the labels on everything and, one baby step at a time, it will become easier to make better choices.

Check out our awesome, preservative free dessicated coconut. Great for cooking, making coconut milk, raw recipes, or whatever else may take your fancy 🙂


Feel free to share your favourite dessicated coconut recipes 🙂